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After the project is completed, how long do I have to wait before I can use my driveway?

     Two or three days, depending on the time of year and outside temperature.

Should I be careful entering and exiting my driveway?

     Turning the steering wheel while your car is parked will damage the driveway, particularly during the summer. The marks are superficial, but to avoid having to remove them, don't turn the wheel until your car is in motion.

What happens if I spill gas or oil on my new driveway?

     To avoid permanent damage, rinse with water as soon as possible and then wash with a liquid detergent.

Are you insured?

     We are licensed and fully insured for your protection.  In addition, our professional crew will treat your property with respect and care.

Do you provide an estimate prior to starting the job?

     We will give you a proposal and estimate after inspecting your property and discussing your needs.  The estimate will take all aspects of the job into consideration.  We will thoroughly inspect the area to be paved to make sure we have a complete understanding of your project and how you want the paved area to look and function.

     Great results come from thorough and careful planning.  This applies to any project whether it's a large parking lot or a small driveway for your home.

Why should I choose asphalt paving?

     An asphalt parking area or driveway is easy to maintain and requires little maintenance. You'll find that your house stays clean: no dirt to track in.  Also important in this economic climate, an asphalt driveway enhances the curb appeal and market value of your home.

What time of year should I install my driveway?

     We suggest spring or summer for our residential clients; commercial projects can be started in early spring through Thanksgiving.


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